Reconnecting with your heart

Reconnecting with your heart

Heart reconnection and why it is important.

Its a difficult time in general at the moment, with seemingly so much to despair about, wars, ongoing issues of inequality, financial difficulties, the climate etc and if you are like me, then you can have days when you just feel a lot. So what do we do from this place of feeling so full of the gloom perspective? How do we pick ourselves back up and continue on living our everyday life? My suggestion and comfort has been learning and allowing joy back in, like a door way of light opening until that outshines the despair.

I share some simple tips for you to feel more soothed and even a bit more joyful by connecting to your heart.

1 Breathing

Oh I know its an obvious one and our bodies are so amazing at just doing things automatically, but I have been amazed at how even 3 minutes of conscious breathing can soothe. It is proven that abdominal breathing is supportive for our mind and body by calming our nervous system. I like to either box breathe, so 5.5 inhale, hold, exhale, hold or equal breaths of 4-8 seconds in and out from my abdomen. There are a wealth of apps on this and I am currently reading breath by James Nestor in case you wanted to delve deeper in to the knowledge.

Caring for you sea air refreshes body mind and soul

2 Connecting with a friend

Some of you know I have relocated back to Dorset and have had to re-find friendships and social communities. It is simple but oh so important to connect with our loved ones, getting out of the place you may have been ruminating and just sharing in a simple way how we are and listening and enjoying connecting. 

3 Movement 

We all know it endorphins get released from movement, so go find something you enjoy, hula hooping, skating, walking, canoeing, Pilates, running, ask yourself what would I like to try?

4 Nature

Autumn is a lush time to be out walking in the colourful leaves and breathing in that fresh air. I always feel clearer from going out, sometimes new insights arise or just help shift perspective.

Autumn tree getting out in nature for support

5 Limit news time

It is good to discern what information you are feeding yourself, of course staying up to date is important if you want to, however limit the time and perhaps chose the time you do this. For example is just before bed the best time? Are you checking it as an act of avoidance? It most likely may trigger things by reading the news, so just go into it knowing that, (at least for me I mostly dont find comfort in it).

6 Creativity

I have been enjoying doing the artists way a 12 week guide all about finding creativity and play with your inner child. Some of you may have done this, for me it has been so essential to give myself permission to play and enjoy the every day in simple ways. For example, allowing myself sweet treats, colouring in, dancing and being in nature. Whatever your enjoyments are, go do them. 

All of this will support you to feel lighter.

7 Nourishment

Guided visualisations, meditation, spas, healing treatments and yummy supports that help you shift perspective, soothe your nervous system and re-frame your thinking. The hardest part is often allowing ourselves the gift of nourishment, you are worthy. I have always been met with reward when I reach out for support for my own wellbeing.

8 Mbit coaching

Connecting you to your body and emotions

Reconnect in with your heart, by giving it space to share its wants and values. Our heart is a complex network, a bit like our head brain, it can communicate and sense and feel in its own hearty way. Unlike the head brain the hearts desires are really about compassion, love and relationships. Mbit is a beautiful way to connect in with our head, heart and gut brains to hear their wisdom and solutions. When we are more aligned within, it supports us in all areas to feel at our best and clearer in how we want to be in our lives. If you would like to find out more about a treatment, please click here.

So there you have it, 8 simple supports to reconnect back in with your heart and bring some joy and nourishment.

Sending you and your hearts love and warmth.


Talking About Depression

Sunflower image lifting out of depression

Talking About Depression

Talking about depression and depression awareness is so important. I wanted to share my experience of depression, what has helped and how to support yourself and others going through it.

It feels a bit yucky to talk about, a bit like admitting to something shows our vulnerability, however it brings comfort and and connectedness to know as humans we all feel and share the same emotions. Whether it is just arising naturally without a cause, or after a big high, of adrenaline, then a crash, or from a trauma or something sad happening, depression can and does arise.

How are you? People will ask as I feel the tears rising up and “I’m okay”, seems to be enough to bat people away, or for another question about something else to be asked. 

Inside I know I’m not really okay, my head is fuzzy and I’m feeling out of sorts.

Being naturally caring, it is often easier to simply focus on others, regardless of how horrible I feel and it’s easier to listen and support others instead of sitting in the darkness and dread.

What is this darkness anyway? It’s a quiet space of stillness, torment and oddness. I don’t feel myself and yet I just about function. I might forget things in the shop after paying for them. I might take longer to make decisions and I might seem more short tempered, irritable or quiet with my closest humans. 

It’s as simple as sharing what is going on so people understand, rather than pushing them away and so they understand it isn’t necessarily to do with them. It can be really simple, such as “I’m actually not feeling so great, I’m feeling flat and it has nothing to do with you, but if I’m a bit distant or not myself just know that”, or “I’m taking solutions and I know it will pass”. 

Depression for me can look like, low feelings, re-playing a difficult time, feeling trapped, stuckness, crying, feeling anger, unmotivated, lethargic and/or confused, these are just some of my experiences with depression. It may look different for you and it’s important to realise the signs for you, so asking yourself how am I actually feeling? Is this manageable? How am I functioning in my every day? Getting real with what your needs are and being brave to reach out for support is a real commitment to yourself.

Helping others with depression

When I know others are suffering, it has been a help to reach out to them, so they are given space, kindness and love to open up in whatever way they want to share. I have also found this a help, even if I didn’t talk about anything, it was an opportunity to feel some lightness and relief from the paralysing state and wanting to hide, as if its contained within you. For me there is such a slowness with depression that it takes more than just a “hi you okay” to be able to share about it, so knowing there are pockets of opportunity to share with someone close to you in a slower more gentle way, is such a support. Everyone opens up differently and don’t take it personally if they dont open up with you. There are also other ways to be together without speaking, playing a game, or doing something they enjoy, all of this will soften and soothe. 


Support available

Reaching out to a loved one (animal/tree/human/unseen being) in a simple conversation of what is going on for you, is a beautiful first step. There is also a wealth of professional support available depending on what resonates with you. I am sharing my own experience of solutions, so it may not include what will or has helped you.

Homeopathy – I have a homeopath who allows me space to share openly and sends me remedies specific for my disposition, this really supports me emotionally and mentally.

Holistic Treatments – I receive treatments, such as Bowen and Reiki that work on lifting emotions, releasing trauma and shifting energy within our mind and body. Of course both offer space for deep calmness, nourishment and relaxation.

Holistic Coaching – re-connecting you to yourself and re-bridging that connection to the divine or spiritual support that you may have lost touch with. This has been a massive game changer for me, realising no one is out to get me or work against me, in terms of the universal love that is available to you and is here to support you. When I was in complete victim mode, it really helped hearing this and being taken on a guided visualisation to feel the earth, my angels and spirit guides (that everyone has). I am done holding back this woo woo chat in fear of putting others off. It is how I love to support and it is how I work. I am lead by you with how deep to go into this, sometimes a simple guided visualisation is enough.

Self care – at home supports can include meditation, breath work and movement which really helps to allow things to shift and disburse. There are plenty of online offerings and apps that freely offer this.  

Shaking it up – changing up your routine, your environment can be a healthy jolt to the system to shift perspective, this may mean going away for a break, breaking the normal patterns so our mind has other things to focus on. Sometimes we need a gentle push to snap ourselves out of it, a talking to from a being that cares and wants to support you. A reality check that you are not your depression, or how lowly you may think about yourself at the time.

Trust in the process of the unwinding out of this state, it may be gradual and no efforting or forcing is needed.

Unwilling to take support

We may know what supports us, but feel unwilling to take it, but sometimes we just need a reminder that there are easeful solutions available when you want help. The sooner you reach out, the more likely it will shift. Even if we had all the help in the world and we were unwilling to take it, we need to be the ones to want to say yes, I am ready to receive help. 

Unsure what support is best

If you are not sure what support is right for you, then you can ask someone that’s been there what has helped them. Muscle testing is also a great way at finding out what solutions are right for your body and mind in that moment. There are plenty of Kinesiologists which support in this offering. You can also try a solution and see how it supports you.

I offer a 20 min chat, totally free, where I can listen openly in a caring way and help guide with offerings that could support your situation. I offer Mbit coaching and reiki in Dorset and remotely, which can really serve in feeling more ourselves, supporting in decision-making, soothing overwhelm and encouraging relaxation. With my offerings and in my experience the best therapy has been finding nourishment for both mind and body.


To Conclude

I wrote this when I felt really low and wanted to share about it after passing through it. The more we openly share our experiences, the easier it is to realise our shared experiences of suffering and to find solutions together. So, with that said and to normalise, everyone feels low, depressed at times, its okay to feel this and there are so many solutions of support available.

Please be in touch if this resonates, or to receive further support.

Sending love Emily

Talking About Depression


Don’t let being alone stop you from doing what you want

Last year I went to Portugal by myself, a friend recently said how inspiring it was and she has now been traveling on her own too. I had no idea that it’s inspiring when as a woman you are not afraid to do things on your own. Maybe this is the same for men, I don’t know?

Truth is I have often been a lone cat, growing up rurally, I amused myself out in nature (singing to cows) When I was in my late teens, early 20s, my two main friends had boyfriends and I didn’t want to settle for not doing what I wanted just because I didn’t have friends available, so I didn’t! I went to Ecuador when I was 21, went to Greece twice when I was 22, then 23, been to spas, Portugal twice alone, been out for dinners, day trips and weekends away exploring. To be honest I stopped thinking of this as something different as it feels so normal for me.

Many sensitive and/or introverted beings often are content in their own company, you might also be and don’t identify with those labels. Maybe you are terrified to do things on your own, maybe you would like to try?

I realised maybe it’s good to talk about my experience of being content in my own company, rather than seeing this as something wrong or not cool. In an ideal world I probably would have a mix of both company and my own space but at some point there will be a void of a aloneness that I urge you to embrace.

Being on your own doesn’t always feel comfortable, for example I sometimes feel more afraid, more vulnerable, but the best bit is you also get to do exactly what you want. I also feel strong and independent in many ways, as well as love support from others and spending time with others. For me being in nature alone is the best, as I can really drink in the nourishment, I also find myself connecting with all the nature beings from the ants, to the trees and the birds, as they are also living and we are sharing this home together. This is opposed to hearing someone else talk to me, yes I’m a listener. I recently went on a boat trip and the guide said better to be on your own than in bad company, which I thought was funny and some truth to that.

Plus side

  • Get to do your own thing
  • Get to know yourself and how it feels being reliant on yourself, out of your comfort zones
  • It’s empowering
  • You get to connect with new, more people than you might if you were in a closed circle.


Down side

  • Feel things more, such as vulnerability
  • Can have annoying men attention, but less than you think, I think men are equally if not more afraid of their own company too.

The point of this is we are powerful, you are powerful, you don’t need to hide behind your phone, you can allow yourself to feel things, to be seen and don’t feel you can’t do something just because you have no one to go with.

Perhaps you are desperate to get 30 mins peace and quiet to yourself. Make it happen! You will for sure appreciate the company after this time.

Of course always tell someone where you are going, take care, be aware and be organised. If anyone ever wants tips or support, please write to me and I would be happy to share. Maybe you have some good advice/experience that you would like to share? Maybe there’s a way to build a network or tap into an existing pool of solo travellers. Let me know your thoughts here,

Love Emily

Manifest Goals 2023

Goals with Soul

Do you feel the pressure of the new year to create goals and achieve lots? Are you already being a bit hard on yourself? I share how to make goals with soul, that you can embody and manifest in a more real way. The goal/manifesting can be in relation to your work, finances, well-being, future partner, hobbies, time management, or whatever is right for you.

A new year or new intention is a chance for us to almost begin again and to be given another opportunity to upgrade, perhaps from things that didn’t go so well in the past. Some people fail to achieve goals, which in itself, is also fine, as it is often the path of learning the goal that something occurs, for example perhaps it isn’t what you actually want, or you see a different path. It may also be that the goal is not actually aligned with what you truly want. When I mean align, I’m talking in alignment with the next-level version of you and stepping into your power of taking responsibility for making something happen.

1. Write down 3 columns Predictable, Possible and Potential 

Give yourself some space to feel relaxed, have a hot bath, a walk, listen to some relaxing music and when the time feels right begin to write down some things you would like to achieve. If it helps you can break these down into 3 columns, predictable, possible and potential.

Predictable is what it says on the tin, the things you know will happen. Possible is what we get excited about, or what we want to create, but we haven’t achieved it yet, but we desire it as it feels good to us. This could be in the next days, or up to 12 months. Potential is the bigger pull, the 1 day, bigger dream, that still feels a long way away, perhaps in the next 3+ years.

2. Visualise achieving the goals

Manifest goals by imagining them as done

Once you have become clear in what goals you really want to bring about and feel good right now for you, imagine yourself having achieved it. Visualise it as best you can in your mind’s eye and bring that vision into your heart, how does it feel? What is different between the new you and how you are, or who you are today?

3. Alignment check-in

Are there any reasons why you wouldn’t want to achieve this goal? Are there any hidden doubts that could stop you from achieving this, are there any worries linked to achieving this goal? Allow yourself space to explore before investing in bringing about a goal.

4. What tools or support do I need to help bring this about?

Allow yourself permission to take all the practical and personal support that you need. This can look like learning, practical tools, emotional support, and time re arranging.

5. Map out the timings and stepping stones of the journey

Break down goals into steps

Start with where you are now, the mini figure above and in the opposite side of the page the future goal achieved, break down all the stepping stones along the way that you see you might need to put in place to achieve the goal. Do not worry if it isn’t clear right away, start with what you see the first step might be. The goal is there to inspire you, the steps are there to be practical and to make it happen.

Extra support – saying out loud, or writing down what you as an individual can do to take responsibility for achieving your goal and what the universe can do to support you. I give an example below of how this can be read. For more information on this table, check out Mike Dooley.

What I can do to take responsibility for   /  What the universe can do to support me.

I wish you all the best in playing with the possibilities and finding enjoyment in the exploration of this, allow yourself to dream as big or as little as feels right for you.

For more information and support, I am excited to be offering life coaching on a 1-2-1 basis where we explore these very things. I also can support you in shifting through any blocks that are holding you back. Blocks can be physical, mental/emotional and spiritual or energetic.

Be in touch here for support, or contact me via email

Much love Emily





How to Make Better Decisions

How to Make Better Decisions 

Are you struggling to make a decision and get clear on something? Perhaps you have made a few rushed decisions before, that you realise didn’t sit right. You might find yourself at the point of wrestling with yourself and forcing an outcome to appear? 

It is sometimes wiser to commit to not making a decision at all (which is also a decision), take stock, unravel and be gentle on yourself. Relaxation offers the best support and trust in knowing you will arrive at a clear decision when the time is right, rather than forcing or rushing.

We are mostly in the mindset of having things we want quickly, taking medication to numb the pain, 24 hour shopping, fast deliveries, the amazing internet at offering the answer we want to anything in just a few moments, but what about making decisions? For sure we can ask the internet or ask friends what they would do, but ultimately the decision comes from us. There is also a responsibility in honouring that it is our choice, embodying that fully and taking ownership however the decision may unfold. 

I share 6 decision making tips to help you relax and make better decisions that sit right with you.

1. Getting out in the fresh air

Fresh air supporting your mind to feel clear

When we are sat around getting caught up in thinking, actually the freshness and change of scenery and getting in a different head space (literally) is a real support. Whether it’s the vastness of nature, seeing the bigger power than us, the sea, or a change of scene in a city, a fresh perspective is nourishing. A mountain top perspective is ideal, you don’t need to literally climb up somewhere higher, although you could, you can also imagine this in your mind and looking down from a birds eye view at a mini you and the decision choices.

2. Focus on relaxing in your body and mind

Women relaxing in the bath

Do whatever relaxes you, such as that refreshing post exercise feeling, your body being filled with fresh oxygen and energy. A relaxing yoga class, meditation, a healing treatment, or dancing. Whatever it is, do and enjoy that fully and be as present as you can with that. I have often read sometimes the best decisions come when you are in the bath. There is a gift in giving yourself a break and simply relaxing in the here and now, which can sometimes bring new insights rather than actively trying to think about it.

3. Be with friends

Taking support from friends in decision making

This may seem like a distraction list, but actually it’s getting you to re-connect with yourself in a round about way, so you are fuller on enjoyment, relaxation and kindness to yourself. Socialising with friends can bring us a smile, no matter how up tight we may seem in making this decision, it will happen easier if we can just lighten and relax a little. It may be we get to talk about it with our friends, the ones we trust and opening up and sharing can be soothing in itself. Your friend or friends need not say anything, simply listen to you, you can also take note of anything they do share and also know this is for you to reach a decision that sits right.

4. Write it all down

Writing down a list of pros and cons

Allow yourself to go there, with a pen and paper, all the things we hope, feel, hate, whatever it is, start by offloading it from your brain. This can look like writing a list of pros and cons about both decisions, which can allow you to see it all from both perspectives. It can be you re-visit this list, adding new insights, as it might be you have more to add, or actually what seemed like a block yesterday, is actually not a problem today. I would suggest setting a time limit on yourself for doing this, which can help bring focus in a shorter amount of time.

5. Focus on your loves

Reminding yourself of your qualities, your strengths, what you enjoy doing, can help shift you into a more abundant feeling. When we make decisions from scarcity and lack, it is harder to see the fuller picture and we want to focus on feeling more nourished in our self, to make the best decision we can. It may also be appropriate to remember any goals or ambitions you have and consider how this decision may support in bringing into your life what you really want.

6.Visualise both sides of the decision playing out

For those that have a more visual display, i.e. images/colours work more for you than words, you can visualise both sides of the decision playing out in your mind as if a yes looks like this, a no looks like that and notice how you feel in your head, heart and gut area as you do that. It might be a lighter or heavier feeling in your body, change of pace, temperature, sense or a change in how you experience both decisions, try as best you can to be aware of changes to your body and emotions as you do this. This is a simple exercise to test out and to not get too caught up in the thinking here, but it may bring knowledge to feeling more drawn or connected to one aspect of the decision.

If you are struggling with any of these exercises or in the decision then of course seeing a trained professional has its place too.

Mbit Coaching is a beautiful way to ask our three brains, head, heart and gut for their wisdom. Neuroscience now shows that neuro pathways are found in our heart and gut area, which demonstrates our natural intelligence we have to use there. Our heads offer creativity, our hearts compassion and our gut courage. Ideally we want all three brains aligned and listened to when making a decision that sits right, literally that sits right in our body and brains. You may find that your head wants one thing, but your heart or gut wants another and can often be why there is a struggle or wrestle in decision making. This is a beautiful relaxing process where we realise we have so much knowledge already within us to support ourselves.

Reiki also offers beautiful insights and asks for guided support from unseen beings, using oracle cards and light energy, which helps in removing blocks to chakras and can reveal a fresher energy and increased insights into what could support you.

Ultimately decisions can often work themselves out and knowing we can always change our mind or simply lean for the next decision. So, the key is relaxation, self-care, doing what you love and enjoy and using mind visualising or writing to support you in becoming clear.

Reach out if you need any support with this.

Love Emily x


How to connect mind and body

How to connect mind and body

I’m chuffed as chipmunks that I am now an mBit coach!  What does that mean? I hear you ask, well it basically means I have another string to my bow, to support beings to be connected to their bodies, specifically to support people to connect mind and body together, yeay! 

Neuroscience shows that we have 3 brains, your head, heart & gut. Each one of these has its own function & purpose.

The head brain analyses, is logical & can produce creative solutions when balanced.

Listen to your head brain

The heart brain feels, values, shares our true wishes & offers compassionate support when balanced.

Listen to your heart

The gut brain identifies with our core self, our true identity, has an impulse for action & offers courage as the greatest support when balanced.  

Listen to your gut

Sometimes our brains have a conflict with one another, so you know deep down what resonates with you, but you just don’t take action & you freeze without any movement at all.


You know your hearts wish, but you stick to what’s logical for you, but your always wondering what’s best for you?

Mbit coaching is for those that:-

  • You experience internal conflict within yourself between your thoughts, feelings & actions.
  • You’ve not acted upon your dreams, goals & plans
  • You do unwanted behaviours of habits & you don’t know why or have difficulty stopping
  • You find it difficult to make decisions
  • Something within you is making it difficult for you to motivate yourself to take action
  • You sabotage yourself from achieving your goals

Mbit coaching is useful for:-

  • Goal/outcome setting
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Harnessing your intuition
  • Cultivating understanding & perspective
  • Relationships
  • Health & wellbeing

Mbit coaching provides a framework for you to connect in with your brains, truly listen & access alignment.

This allows for:-

  • More relaxation,
  • Greater clarity,
  • You move forward with a clearer knowing of yourself & what it is you really want.
  • You feel more connected to your true self & balanced,
  • It is excellent for decisions &
  • supporting when you feel blocked or stuck.

Its neuroscience meets ancient wisdom & the best part is that you develop this by tapping into your bodies/brains own potential.

Hooray for that!

Drop me a message if you would like to find out more about mbraining coaching.

What does it mean to listen to your body?

What does it mean to listen to your body?

Body awareness and listening to your body, can mean….

♥ Feeling connected and settled within your own skin suit.

♥ Listening to what is going on with your body, i.e where are the aches, tension, does something not feel right.

♥ Feeling grounded with who you are 🙂

♥ Feeling more grounded into your environment, ahhhh

♥ Recognising your limits and understanding when to stop when close to burn out.

♥ Honouring your energy patterns and cycles, i.e. some days we are more hungry, some days we are more tired.

♥ Feeling more in tuned with your period cycles

♥ big listening ears below 😉

Caring for you listening

The benefits of listening to your body?

♥ It is easier to relax as you are, into your skinsuit, with all your imperfections 😉

♥ It is easier to love yourself as you are and to honour your uniqueness

♥ You understand the areas more prone to illness ⇒ which means you can strengthen those areas.

♥ Better understanding of the areas more prone to illness = using them as a sign that you might be doing too much/managing stress.

♥ You feel clearer about what your body needs, knowing when to seek support.

♥ You are able to rest, be still and sleep more easily

♥ It may reduce the time and severity of acute illness

♥ Less likely to have emotions harbouring away in our muscle memory, which may lead to further complications physically.

♥ Better understanding of others

body awareness and listening

How I support you to feel more body aware and listen to your body 

Bowen Technique and reiki treatments

♥ Relaxation♥ Firstly taking time out to really allow your body and mind to have a recharge, a re-set and feel more at ease. Bowen is wonderfully soothing to all ailments and calms down the nervous system, so your body can feel relaxed.

♥ I check and feedback on postural habits, anything out of alignment, weaker or tension in a particular body area. We then work together to understand previous injuries/traumas, looking at your lifestyle and how you carry yourself into the world.

The therapies themselves can free up restrictions, re-align, reduce pain, soothe emotional stress and provide relaxation.

♥ After receiving a series of treatments, you then have the knowledge of which areas need strengthening and are encouraged to find an exercise you enjoy.

 Relaxing Bowen healing treatment room central bristol

Online or face-to-face programme, coming soon!

This is a programme delving deeper into body awareness, looking at:

  • each area of the body, the physical/emotional connection
  • recognising past events such as injuries/trauma
  • reflecting on your lifestyle
  • distant or in person reiki healing to unblock stagnant energy and align your chakras
  • meditation using body scans and either nature, water or colour to deepen your ability to listen
  • self soothing physical squidges to tune into tense areas and relieve them
  • group support ♥

Relaxing in nature and listening to the sounds

Be in touch here should you like to be supported to understand your body, listen to it and understand what it needs to thrive.