Best water filter UK

It shouldn’t be hard to have clean water, but with the latest water scares in Devon and in other areas in the UK, perhaps you are wondering about the water you are drinking and what is the best water filter in the UK? You might not even have the brain power to even think about this, either way, I thought I would share some points from my research in case it helps. Whilst there are lots of opinions and other stories, I have tried to stay as simple and to the point as I can.

1. Download your water report first to see what is in your water. I am with Wessex Water and it was really quick to type in my postcode and get a local water test report.

2. Understand what is in your water, staying rationalised as possible can really help so you don’t freak yourself out, for example, what it shows may be super minimal, it may also be naturally occurring. For example naturally occurring fluoride in small amounts is relatively okay, artificial fluoride being adding to things is going to potentially cause more harm. I used this site to check the meaning of each item.

When I contacted Wessex Water directly, they said they add Chlorine and sometimes Orthophosphate to help with lead prevention, if that is in your area.

3. Solutions
You could fall down into a hole of why do we even need to do this with our water and why aren’t our leaders and water companies doing more to sort this from their end. Whilst I stayed in that energy for a bit, I decided I can, we and you can simply take action yourself as a way to take care of what feels best for you.

Your basic replace monthly water filter – I personally feel this isnt enough of a filter, but it is a good starting point, it reduces

  1. limescale and certain metals such as lead and copper.
  2. The activated carbon reduces substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine. 

Maxtra pro all in 1 

  • Filters trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals
  • Reduces taste-impairing substances such as chlorine.
  • Protects your appliances against limescale in regions with soft to hard water.
  • Reduces chlorine, lead and copper.

I personally feel there are more cost effective solutions that also reduce the waste of a filter each month and filter to a higher strength, therefore more impurities are removed. 


Pozzani – Scumb and scale – if you are in a hard water and would like a filter too, this one helps with both. Under £100 I believe is a good price with the cartridges needing replacing every 6 months. I have been unable to get a report from them of what exactly it removes and the percentages, however, they list this:-

reduces the presence of chlorine, dissolved organics, heavy metals and a wide range of other pollutants, such as estrogens, dirt and more.

Good option for cost and effectiveness, I would personally prefer to get a percentage breakdown of what it removes for peace of mind.


Berkey water filters UK/EU – They are the most expensive starting at £365, however there is a thorough list of what it removes, 

99.9% of harmful chemicals from your drinking water and address over 200+ contaminants in your drinking water. They removes chlorine, viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, parasites, hazardous chemical contaminants and all other impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals like magnesium & calcium your body need.


Water2.coma popular one if you are on Instagram, easy to fit, good price, around £120, with replacing of cartridges every six months. It removes a good amount of things, link to the table it removes here, it dosent yet remove fluoride but they are working on it. It doesnt remove hormones or pharmaceuticals if this is a concern to you.


Reverse Osmosisby UK Water Filters the most impressive list and percentages of the cleanest water that isn’t caked in plastic. Comes it at around £287 with replacing cartridges every six months. Plus sides – it filters to a high level and It also adds in a re-mineralisation to the water, which is often the main argument with the RO system that it removes the good stuff too.

The downside more expensive each month, they suggest with generous use it could be 40p per month more per person for your water usage. Can be up to 70% of water wasted, but it isn’t always 70% and may be less, this is part of the process of removing the impurities. it also means you can choose what you do with that waste water, for example in the garden etc. 

I personally feel this isnt actually that expensive considering what it removes and compared to the others and would be my personal choice.


4. Trust no one, question everything, knowledge is power, except at some point you need to settle with what feels aligned for you, which may be different to me or your friends. There is a line to be drawn with when we are sucked into the fears of what ifs, and to draw back into our daily lives and get on with simply living and enjoying our life. If you would like support with body listening and making aligned choices, what feels right for you, then you can drop me a message here

Of course this is a small list of research I have done, you may have found another one not listed or experienced different thoughts on what I shared. If you would like to add to the list to share knowledge then please drop me a message.