Holistic Coaching

*Soothing anxiety & overwhelm *Bringing clarity to your decisions *Feel calmer in yourself

Is this you?


You may be feeling anxious and, or overwhelmed about a situation which you can’t control or feel at your best in. It might relate to wanting to make a decision and even the thought of that feels a bit too much.

You may feel torn in two when making a decision, your head is saying one thing, but your heart is saying another? 

You may feel blocked from seeing clearly seeing, for example, you doubt what is actually possible, or simply feel confused with what to do or what to trust. 

The solution?

I am here to support you to feel more nourished and calmer in being you, so that you feel soothed, settled and clearer on your next steps. Listen to your inner wisdom from a relaxed place and gain clarity and guidance on what is needed to flourish, whether it’s in your health, relationship, or a life decision.

How I can help

I understand about being anxious and overwhelmed, as I have been there and I offer support to help you get back to a clearer, more connected you.

♦  Be held in a 1:2:1 nurturing healing space.

♦ Share your concerns and we look together at practical solutions.

♦ Receive energy healing to unblock and re-energise.

♦ Receive support with an array of coaching tools to empower, such as shadow work, Mbit, EFT and much more.

♦ Receive bespoke guided meditations outside of the sessions to continue the healing.

♦ Bring clarity to whatever is blocking you and feel more aligned to your true self.


What can I expect in a session?
I give you space to breathe and share in a held healing space, which alone is a great relief. I deeply listen to your concerns, helping to calm your nervous system, so that you feel clearer and more at ease within yourself.
Discover practical steps to manage overwhelm, find solutions and focus on re-gaining your energy. Feel stronger and more nourished. Develop boundaries and make any necessary changes.
Sessions involve breathwork to balance the nervous system, guided visualisations to let go and connect in. I have an array of tools to help you in a gentle, yet depthful way. This may involve tapping, shadow work, Mbit, inner child connection and more.
Each sessions are tailored to you and the benefits that unfold. We find solutions to your blocks, breaking free from whatever limits are preventing you from flourishing, whether thats with decision making, or harmonising relationships. You move forward with clear seeing of what is needed.
A Holistic Coaching session lasts approx 1 hour 30 mins, it provides relaxing and practical support. There may be home care exercises to do in between sessions. The sessions are delivered remotely, or in person near Bridport.
I typically work in 3 time frames, 2 weeks, 1 month, or 2 months depending on what you would like or the situation.
I would suggest booking a free 20 minute call to check I'm the right fit for you. You can also ask any questions you have and we can move forward together with what's best.

Emily was a gentle listening ear and it gave me sense of calm in the moment. It’s a great service to recommend for people in a state of overwhelm at a particular time.

Being allowed to emphasise how important moments of still and taking time out to  breathe is, in allowing my feelings to settle and gaining clarity.  It’s ok to have struggles, frustration and recognition of these feelings are important so that you can move on.

Em H

Midwife and busy mum

Let go of painful relationship patterns:-

  • Internal conflict between your thoughts, feelings & actions,
  • Feeling blocked from acting upon your dreams, goals & plans.
  • Difficulty making decisions,
  • Self sabotaging in painful habits that you would like to stop,
  • Overwhelm & agitation is causing confusion.

Instead, receive support on how to live with greater wisdom and authenticity in your life, decisions & actions.


♦ Decision-making

♦  Problem-solving

♦  Motivation and action taking

♦  Harnessing your intuition

♦  Cultivating understanding and perspective

♦  Relationships

♦  Personal development

♦ Your ultimate well-being

Often there is immense relief from sharing our concerns out loud and it can dissipate our feelings and allow calm in.