Holistic Coaching

*Soothing anxiety & overwhelm. *Connecting you to your body. *Bringing clarity to your decisions.

Is this you?


You may be feeling some anxiety in your heart and chest area, you may feel overwhelmed about a situation which you can’t control or feel at your best in. It might relate to wanting to make a decision as a consequence and even the thought of that feels a bit too much.

You may feel torn in two when making a decision, your head is saying one thing, but your heart is saying another? You lack overall direction & clarity on what you want from life.

You have limits and, or blocks that prevent you from clear seeing, for example, you doubt what is actually possible, or simply feel confused with what to do. 

The solution?

Receive Mbit coaching support to connect and ground in being you. Be able to listen to your multiple brains (head, heart & gut) from a relaxed place. Gain clarity and guidance on what is needed to flourish, whether its in your health, career or a life decision.

How I can help

Fear not, as I am here to support you to discover your authentic self, so that you feel more soothed, settled as you are, clearer on your next steps and are able to make decisions that sit right.

♦ Find solutions.

♦ Empower innate wisdom.

♦ Bring clarity to whatever is blocking you.

♦ Feel more aligned to your true self.


The Treatment Plans
Mbit coaching treatments delivered in Bristol, Bridport, or online. We will begin by seeing where you are at with your current situation, how it is impacting your life and where you would like to be. This alone can bring relief in clarifying things as they are.
Relaxing holistic treatments Bristol
We carry out balanced breathing to regulate the nervous system, which in itself is incredibly calming and soothing.
We start by gently connecting in to our bodies to feel more soothed and settled. Explore inner healing & guidance through visualisation and mbraining (guided coaching connecting you to our 3 brains, head - creativity, heart - compassion and gut - courage).
Initial focus is placed on connecting in with your heart, so you can begin to listen to what it is you truly want.
Each session can vary from person to person, but is tailored to you and the benefits that unfold. We find solutions to your blocks being dispersed and moving forward with clear seeing of what is needed.
Breaking free from whatever limits are preventing you from flourishing fully, with decision making, gaining clarity on a topic & discovering your innate passions in your career.
An Mbit session lasts approx 1 hour - 1.30mins, it provides relaxing and practical support. There may be home care exercises to do in between sessions.

Please note I have moved my coaching over to a new site, Em-bodied Coaching.

Emily was a gentle listening ear and it gave me sense of calm in the moment. It’s a great service to recommend for people in a state of overwhelm at a particular time.

Being allowed to emphasise how important moments of still and taking time out to  breathe is, in allowing my feelings to settle and gaining clarity.  It’s ok to have struggles, frustration and recognition of these feelings are important so that you can move on.

Em H

Midwife and busy mum

The benefits of feeling more connected in your body include:

body awareness and listening

The benefits when our 3 brains are balanced in Mbit coaching:

The head brain analyses, is logical & can produce creative solutions when balanced. 

Listen to your head brain 

The heart brain feels, values, shares our true wishes & offers compassionate support when balanced. 

Heart brain mbit coaching

The gut brain identifies with our core self, our true identity, has an impulse for action & offers courage as the greatest support when balanced.  

Listen to your gut

Stop beating yourself up with the below

  • You experience internal conflict within yourself between your thoughts, feelings & actions.
  • You’ve not acted upon your dreams, goals & plans
  • You do unwanted behaviours of habits & you don’t know why or have difficulty stopping
  • You find it difficult to make decisions
  • Something within you is making it difficult for you to motivate yourself to take action
  • You sabotage yourself from achieving your goals

Instead, receive support on how to live with greater wisdom and authenticity in your life, decisions & actions. 


♦ Decision-making

♦  Problem-solving

♦  Motivation and action taking

♦  Harnessing your intuition

♦  Cultivating understanding and perspective

♦  Relationships

♦  Personal development

♦  Health and well-being