Bowen Technique Bristol - improving your quality of life by reducing back, neck and shoulder pain.

Do you have an injury, pain or restriction that is preventing you from training, work, or daily life? 

My name is Emily and I love providing you with freedom to get on with your life in less pain and with more relaxation.  

I treat using the Bowen Technique, which relieves tension from fascia, which envelops muscles, joints and nerves. Relaxation and care are at the heart of my treatments to lighten and empower you to take the best care of you. 

I treat from a sustainable, warm eco-home in Bristol UK.

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How Can I Help?

Bowen Technique

Effective fascia alignment technique, providing pain relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, restrictions or injuries. All done through a relaxing experience restoring the body naturally to a balance.

Luxury Facials

Pampering goodness for those needing a restorative treat, being totally spoilt with hot stone massage, reflexology and effective facial massage techniques to soothe away

Hormone Balancing for Fertility

Fully taking care of you with relaxation & hormone balancing to those struggling with fertility. Easing pregnany symptoms such as painful hips, lower back pain & post pregnancy alignment.

In all my time as a physio I have never seen or experienced such dramatic results for such an acute and significant injury. Neither for my clients or that of any of my colleagues. A few days later and I’m back to training again.


Working with Emily I learnt to relax, entering her haven of a treatment room was a breath of fresh air. I felt truly cared for and listened to each time.


Us regulars are so lucky to have you doing your thing Emily, you have such a unique talent for helping us relax and be unapologetically at home in our own bodies ❤️🙌🏻 xxx

Happy regular