Holistic Coach & Healing Treatments to calm & re-connect you.

Calming mind,

Soothing your emotions,

Relaxing and restoring, back to you.

Bowen Technique in Dorset – a relaxing alignment technique for relief from pain and injuries.

Holistic coaching to support moving through blocks or decisions where you feel unable to grow.

Intuitive readings and reiki to support soothing overwhelm, bringing calmness, love and guidance.

How Can I Help?

Bowen Technique in Bridport, Dorset

Relaxing fascia alignment technique for pain relief, restrictions and injuries, such as sciatica, back pain, whiplash, a pulled hamstring and frozen shoulders.

Wonderfully relaxing at ironing out the sore points.

Holistic Coaching (remote)

Supporting you to feel more connected to your body (content and able to listen) by opening up the communications with our 3 brains, head brain (creativity) heart brain (compassion) gut brain (courage).

Helping you get unstuck in life decisions, such as career considerations or using your passions.

Gain insights to feeling a bit lost & gain support in harmonising the relationship with yourself from within.

Connecting you to your body and emotions

Intuitive Reading + Reiki (Remote)

Energy healing from spirit guides and angels to bring peacefulness, clarity and freshness. Amazing for calming emotional states, for when you feel stuck, or want to feel clearer in yourself.

Crystals & oracle cards also used to support receiving bespoke guidance.

Reiki healing oracle cards caring for you

In all my time as a physio I have never seen or experienced such dramatic results for such an acute and significant injury. Neither for my clients or that of any of my colleagues. A few days later and I’m back to training again.


Working with Emily I learnt to relax, entering her haven of a treatment room was a breath of fresh air. I felt truly cared for and listened to each time.