Holistic Coaching & Healing Treatments

Hello, I’m Emily and I offer soothing guidance & relaxing treatments that help you drop back into your body and reconnect you to your authentic relaxed self.

Whether you are wanting relief from back pain, hormone imbalance, or overwhelm/indecision, then I am here to support you.

I help you to feel more soothed, cared for and calmer in your body, mind and spirit.

I offer support near Bridport, Dorset and also online.

Read on for more about the ways I can support you.

Soothing Overwhelm with Holistic Coaching

You may feel overwhelmed with too many things to do, from work pressures, family commitments and our fast paced lives. This may be impacting how you feel within yourself and how you show up in your relationships. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in today’s world, but sometimes we just have a lot on. If it gets too much and your not showing up how you would like to, then support is at hand.

In these 1:2:1 holistic coaching sessions there is space to share, receive calmness and insights which can lighten away heaviness. Discover practical steps to manage overwhelm and focus on regaining your energy, so that you feel stronger within yourself. Develop boundaries and make any necessary changes with support.

Connecting you to your body and emotions

Decision Making with Reiki

Is your heart saying one thing and your head another? Sometimes we can feel torn when we are unsure about what to do and that pressure to decide isn’t helping.

Receive calming and practical support with decision making. Be given space to share and explore what’s important to you. Receive healing channelled information, (universal energy) on what is most aligned for you and your highest self and path.

Listen to your inner wisdom from a relaxing place and gain clarity and guidance on what is needed to flourish whether that is in your career or your relationships. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, clearer and more connected.

Reiki healing Bridport oracle cards<br />

Hormone Balancing & pain relief

The two therapies I use for pain relief and hormone balancing, are Bowen Technique and Reflexology.

Bowen Technique is an amazing fascia alignment treatment, that calms the nervous system and shifts any stuck points from fascia, muscles and joints. It can help with many things, but specifically it can increase mobility, soothe pain, such as back pain, pulled hamstring, frozen shoulder and whiplash. In conjunction with Reflexology it can also be used for hormone balancing, whether that’s irregular periods, fertility or menopause.

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment that stimulates points and nerve endings on the feet, which correlate to the whole body. This is also amazing for pain relief, relaxation and in particular hormone balancing. Read more about Reflexology here.

Reflexology pressing sore points on the feet for relaxation

Working with Emily I learnt to relax, entering her haven of a treatment room was a breath of fresh air. I felt truly cared for and listened to each time.


Book an initial call, for a complimentary chat where you can share openly what’s going on and we can consider solutions to support you.

Often there is immense relief from sharing our concerns out loud and it can dissipate our feelings and allow calm in.