Friendly caring holistic coach, Dorset

When I am not caring, I am mostly......

*taking care of my plants,

*I love weight training, kundalini yoga and dancing,

*hanging out in nature and breathing in the sea air,

*hanging out with cats,

*connecting in with my spirit guides,


*practicing Dzogchen, a ancient practice of short moments of meditation, you can find out more here.

About Caring For You

Hi, I’m Emily, I offer soothing treatments and holistic coaching.

I deeply care for beings to feel more relaxed, soothed and connected to themselves and therefore clearer in what they want.

I combine reiki with holistic coaching, which helps to soothe overwhelm/anxiety and indecision. I’ve always loved harmonising the relationship with myself and re-connecting back in when I get lost. This is my natural style when supporting others, to empower, love and support you to re-build that connection to you and your life, all in a gentle and nurturing way.

I also do hands on treatments in Dorset for pain relief, hormone balancing and relaxing from the daily stresses of life.

I love to take good care of my health through movement, meditation and holistic support. Being a highly sensitive and emotional being this has been essential to receive such loving support. With a passion and interest in Complementary therapies, self discovery & meditation for 20 years.

I would love to hear from you and if there is anything I can do to support you.

Work Experience


After discovering the benefits of complementary therapies as a teenager, an amazing bowen therapist in Dorset, who taught me what it actually looks like to experience holistic care, to be listened to, warm, provided with balance and restorative techniques where you left feeling a million times better than you went in. That was it, I was inspired to pursue a career in this field and I studied BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Complementary Therapies at Westminster University in London.

With 13 years of experience, I worked at the Westminster University Polyclinic, Women and Health Centre in London, an events Masseuse within casinos, offices, care homes and poker championships (on-site massage to stressed poker players whilst they were playing, I know it sounds weird, but it did work to relax them and to play with even more focus).

I now offer treatments in Salwayash, near Bridport, Dorset and online. Read more about all the ways I love to provide care to you in a treatment setting.