When I am not caring, I am mostly......

Um, surprisingly still caring, but usually just mooching about my day being responsive to what care is needed most. It might be *taking care of my plants, (a new passion I have only just discovered)

*taking care of my physical body, I love weight training, pilates and dancing,

*hanging out in nature with tree beings, breathing in the sea air,

*stroking and relaxing cats (they are suckers for relaxation, aka sleeping all day),

*squidging my nieces, yes even small cute beings are feelers and thinkers and their shoulders are suprisingly notty.

*caring for my amazing mums shoulders (wonky and need squidging, soz Mum)

*eating cake, as I like to remind people, cake is very much included and allowed.


*practicing Dzogchen, a ancient practice of short moments of meditation with roots in Tibet and buddhism. You can find out more here.

About Caring For You

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a Bowen therapist. I love to realign, squidge and relax you.

I specifically love supporting you, if you are stressed out, in pain or have an injury that is dragging you down.

There is nothing more important to me, than caring for people and providing a nurturing space to restore your body, get you back to whatever it is you enjoy doing in your daily life, but pain free and with more movement.

To tell you the truth, I have always wanted to help people. I use to love tidying up my parents desks when I was younger as I thought it would help them to have everything in order.

I spent my pocket money on essential oils and a chart which shared what benefits it had on the body. I ordered my first Reflexology book and how to meet your guardian angel book when I was 9. Yes, I was one of those curious children that also knew my mission was to help people take better care of themselves using natural healing techniques.



If you have any injuries or pain at all anywhere, do yourself a massive favour and get to her as quick as you can!


Director at Scale

Work Experience


After discovering the benefits of complementary therapies as a teenager, literally an amazing bowen therapist in Dorset, who taught me what it actually looks like to experience holistic care, to be listened to, warm, provided with balance and restorative techniques where you left feeling a million times better than you went in. That was it, I was inspired to pursue a career in this field and I studied BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Complementary Therapies at Westminster University in London.

With 11 years of experience I worked at the Westminster University Polyclinic, Women and Health Centre in London, an events Masseuse within casinos, offices, care homes and poker championships (on-site massage to stressed poker players whilst they were playing, I know it sounds weird, but it did work to relax them and to play with even more focus).

I now offer treatments in Salwayash and in Bridport, Bridport, Dorset. Read more about all the ways I love to provide care to you in a treatment setting.