What does it mean to connect to yourself?

What does it mean to connect to yourself?

A lot of my clients have very focused careers, Doctor, Midwife, Lawyer, Teacher. One of them said to me, I dont get it, what do you mean connect to yourself?

Connecting to yourself is establishing an awareness of yourself and your needs. For example, like tuning into different aspects to understand how you’re feeling mentally and physically. This connection can be experienced in many ways, such as meditation, healing, movement and engaging in personal rituals that help you feel aligned with a higher energy or purpose.

Imagine it as a way to check in, for example, can you check right now how are your shoulders feeling? Do they feel sore, relaxed? How are you holding them? You are using your power of thought to focus fully on your shoulders. This awareness helps in understanding what’s happening within you, which can be crucial for healing or addressing any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

Connect in to your shoulders

In all my sessions I aim to encourage this awareness to ourselves and deep work can come about in a 1:2:1 setting, in particular when using Mbit technique.

I also have curated a 12-week healing journey to explore, receive, and deepen the connection to your body, heart, mind, and highest self for those that prefer a small group self study programme. 

In a small group setting I provide guidance and supporting throughout the journey, offering you a new tool each week. These tools have helped me during times when feeling lost, disconnected or indecisive, bringing about a sense of calmness, relaxation and connection. Having experienced their transformative effects, I am inspired to create and hold spaces for others to learn and benefit from them as well.

This programme is for those who are feeling stagnant, grappling with decisions, desiring ongoing relaxation tools and looking for a deeper connection to themselves.

By the end of this journey, you will more attuned to yourself and your highest self.

What You Will Gain:

– Experience relaxing visualisations and meditations
– A one-on-one Reiki healing session
– A one-on-one Mbit session (connecting with your head, heart, and gut)
– Archetype reading and insights into your main roles
– Safe exploration of hidden/shadow aspects, fostering a sense of wholeness and balance
– Self-discovery
– Tools for ongoing empowerment
– Connection to your angels and exploration of spirit guides
– Understanding your elemental type and how to achieve balance
– Insights and guidance regarding your current blocks or decisions
– Clarity and a stronger connection to yourself, achieving emotional and mental balance
– Formation of new empowering habits

Practical Details:

Live sessions will be held bi-monthly, lasting approximately 60-90 minutes In the weeks between sessions, you will receive individual support from me, including intuitive readings, one-on-one Mbit sessions, Reiki healing, and guided visualisations. Additionally, there will be a small group where you can share your journey and its unfolding with fellow participants. Each group will consist of 3-4 people.

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I am super excited to embark on this healing journey with all of you.


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