Decision Making Support

It can be a real torment when we are unsure about something, part of us might know the answer, but the other part of us might feel unsure or doubt if you can really trust yourself. Therefore you remain in the stuck limbo, wondering and pondering, maybe even repeating the same patterns and or self-sabotaging.

Feeling a bit lost, actually gives you space to take stock and re-grow into new energy, focus or direction. It is also a time to develop a connection to yourself and listen and explore what it is you do want. The not knowing can cause frustrations and irritations in itself, but it is totally possible to crawl out of the stuckness, into a clearer more fuller you.

Receive holistic coaching and emotional support around the topic, my calming decision support is mostly in 3 ways.

1 Checking in with yourself through relaxation and trusting inner wisdom.

2 Be listened to and find relief from sharing the challenges you are facing and gaining new insights,

3 Receive universal guidance from your highest self and spirit guides, is this aligned right now.

Each session is up to 90 minutes depending how long it is needed to break free and become clear. A follow-up session supports keeping you accountable for any changes that are made and a kind way to check in how you are.

If it is more of a Chronic challenge you are facing indecision about and it feels more deep-seated then, Mbit Coaching is recommended. You may need up to 6 sessions depending on each individual.

This involves breathwork, guided visualisation and connecting into our 3 brains, head, heart & gut. Neurosciences have now found that we have 3 brains, each one offers an intelligence to connect in and offer wisdom from within. You are sent on a beautiful guided trance journey where you listen and receive. For some of us even listening to our hearts is a massive shift, so we go as gentle or as depthful as needed to match you and your situation.

I have always been very indecisive, partly because I just want everything to go well and to make sure it is really right. I have gone through career changes, location changes, relationship changes and each time I have learnt something more about myself or what is important. The best medicine for decision making has been to take time to check in with myself, receive guidance and make time for relaxation. Letting joy and love in is the best nourishment for going into your choices with more assurance and comfort. As a guide that is my role to support you to unfold with all of this.

I always want to make sure it’s a good match to work together, therefore to start, please book a free call here where we can connect and consider together the best plan for you.