Caring For Hair Removal 

  Hair removal decisions Caring For You Treatments Hair removal, you know it, it’s that damn to do list agenda point that never goes! Are you one of these fair-haired jammy beings that never really has to remove hair, or a full-on HAIRY BEAST like me! How do you remove hair? Do you pay someone to sort it in forty-five minutes, or spend a couple hours doing the works yourself and end up with a crooked neck like me! Maybe you choose to fully embrace having hair and being fine with that instead? I have to say a massive thank you to my Mum for ticking off my Xmas list item – an epilator! I get ingrown hairs quite a lot, so an epilator results hold a little longer than shaving and leaves the skin smoother. However, it is a slower method that some and can be a bit painful, although you do get used to it and it gets less painful the more you use it. Here is a rundown of current hair removal methods and their pros and cons:


The benefits:
  • It’s a quick hair removal method and you are left with smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.
  • It is also nice using a natural product, although some high street strips do have Paraffinum Liquidum in a petroleum-based product, just in case your like me and love the natural ingredients option. Here is a lovely organic natural brand I found Moom.
  • You have to pay someone, you have to pay someone to get up close and personal and remove hair from your bits!? According to this source, the average woman spends up to £23,000 in a lifetime on waxing, oooooo!
  • Find a friend to provide reciprocal waxes? You can do it yourself, I used to and it took me ages as I couldn’t always pull the strip off knowing the pain was coming?
  • Just a reminder to care for your skin after waxing, for example, it is best to avoid water, saunas within 48 hours of waxing. Take care and if needs be avoid waxing over varicose veins, scars, moles, spotty, broken, irritated and sunburnt skin. There are lots of lovely things to apply to your skin after use; I love a good tea tree aloe vera gel.


The benefits:
  • A great DIY option that is easy, speedy results and cheap. Apparently, this option costs the average women £6,500 in her lifetime, (A woman spends an average of eight weeks shaving unwanted hair in her lifetime)
  • Depending on the hair levels, you may need to shave every day.
  • It does make my skin sore and more ingrown hairs appear. Does anyone else find it awkward to stand in the shower to shave, do you have a chair to sit on? Maybe it’s because I am tall.
  • Are your razors made from plastic? Doh more plastic waste! Here is a cool no plastic fancy safety razor by Edwin Jagger.
  • You will save yourself some ££ by not having to rebuy plastic razors and head replacements.
  • Below is a tutorial video on how to use the classy safety razor


The Benefits:
  • Like waxing, but sounds tastier, need I say more! Apparently, it is made out of sugar, lemon and water, so it is a natural product.
  • It isn’t hot so no worries about waxing scolds
  • It washes off the skin easily, as opposed to the stickiness of waxing.
  • You are paying out for someone to do this. Interesting to hear about DIY sugaring attempts that have been successful or a ready-made pancake day mixture.

Epilating – my fav!

The Benefits:
  • Great results from an easy DIY option
  • Smooth skin for up to 4 weeks, often I do this once a week, or once every two weeks depending on the area, for example, armpits.
  • The average epilator is around £50-£100, which lasts a long time!
  • Often epilators come with a variety of head extensions, for ease of use in different areas, for example, the upper lip has a thin head, so only a small area is exposed to the blade, which means the pain is in a smaller area and is more manageable to use.
  • It can be a bit painful, but as I said you get used to it and it is no worse than waxing.


Really, does anyone actually remove hair with a tweezer, I met someone once that did their bikini line with a tweezer!? They obvs can’t be that hairy?! Yes, eyebrows work here and those annoying wispy chin whiskers, sorry but we have all them at some point right?!


The Benefits:
  • Quick hair removal method
  • No chemicals used, just cotton thread
  • More gentle on the skin, although not suggested to be used for those suffering from acne
  • I did hear it is nice for your eyebrows to have this option done.
  • Not ever tried this as a DIY option, but I did have it done in Thailand once and it didn’t seem to last that long for me though, so shaving seemed an easier option.

Cream hair removal

The Benefits:
  • You slap it on and hope for the best, an easy DIY option at home
  • It smells
  • It is full of chemicals

Laser Hair Removal

  • A very long-term solution, targeting the hair follicle right at the root. It reduces hair loss to the point of not needing to shave anymore.
  • DIY yourself at home, easily done for £300 see here for tips on this DIY option
  • Doesn’t cause ingrown hairs
  • Cheaper and time-saving in the long run?!
  • Similar pain threshold to shaving and waxing, not sure whether that’s a benefit or not
  • It can be a longer process, as it may take three to eight treatments on each area, depending on the size of the area, leaving three to eight weeks apart
  • According to this source, It does not work on hair that is grey, white, light red, light brown or blonde.
  • Side effects could be burning of the skin and potential lightning/darkening of the skin
  • Costs anywhere from £60-£3,200, could be higher depending on the area and number of treatments needed.

Leave it as it is option

The Benefits:
  • This is a very easy option, nothing to do but see it all as it is.
  • I have seen it directly on our elder females, a lot of whom grow really long hairs on the chin area (I am happy to share I found one on my chin when I was 27!) so at some point, it will catch up with us.
  • I never forget Julia Roberts at the Oscars when she showed her underarm hair! I couldn’t care less about anyone else’s hair, it’s totally up to you! And let’s face it we won’t have the paparazzi snapping pics of us.
I never knew quite how passionate I was about hair removal, truth be told I find it a right bugbear, but it’s funny how those things you resent can actually open out to be a reminder to be super gentle with yourself and question why you putting yourself through this. We can totally choose how we and if we remove hair, your body, your choice. Thanks for reading, happiness isn’t found in removing hair. Emily Caring For You Treatments