How to stay healthy whilst using a computer

Ergonomic home office setup

Whether at work or at home, we spend a lot of time at our computer or electronic device, so I share all the ways to take care of your body when using a computer, ipad or phone.


Getting clear on how we sit when working, when watching the TV or driving can be very supportive in preventing poor postural habits and compensation patterns in the body, thus injuries. By poor postural habits, I mean, sitting wonky, or with one leg tucked in, or over the other leg etc. Imagine we sit wonky every day at work for a total of 4 hours for example (I am sure its more than this), times that by the total hours of the week, = 20 hours, times that by a month, that’s 80 hours spent sitting wonky.

In summary, that’ a lot of time where your muscles are having to adapt to strange postures, which can put pressure on other areas stretching to compensate. So check how you are sitting when at your computer or on your phone and reflect if it matches where you might have pain or tension.

Below is a suggested desk height posture for working on a computer. I use a portable adjustable laptop stand, but there are fixed stands available too. You can also get an iPad stand & a phone stand to save holding the item and looking down, its also way more relaxing! An ergonomic mouse really supports my wrists & a good chair is a great help too, here are some supportive chair options.

Self care correct posture working at desk

Of course you don’t need to feel restricted, tense or like a robot that always has to be in a ‘certain posture’ but its good to raise awareness of drawing attention to how you are sitting, then perhaps finding ways that might be more comfortable.

I have also been testing out using a back brace, which are quite cheap to purchase. They aren’t exactly comfortable, but for sure they do make you sit up straighter. The overall conclusion here is that exercise and posture awareness contribute to the affects of the back brace too, so we don’t just rely on the brace to make us sit straight.


Earthing Mat & Electromagnetic Chips

I love Wifi and the benefits of the internet and I am often seen with at least two devices! Yet I also give myself down time away from the screen, this can look like doing something else that you love, maybe going for a walk, or having a day without using a device, for example one day a week. There is this idea that Wifi rays can not be so good for us and we do not really know the long term side effects of living with Wifi. The truth is I am not sure what to believe, but what I do know is I love to take care and it feels supportive for me to sleep on an earthing mat. I buy earthing chips which can be stuck on all your devices too, which somehow stop any stress that the electronic items transmit passing through your body.


I love the idea of putting our devices in a different room whilst we sleep, or at least turned off, or on aeroplane mode and away from your head. Electromagnetic stress is also a type of ‘stress’ on the body and its thought it can transmit signals, which might be extra noise for our bodies signals, that are busy repairing whilst we sleep. You can simply test out not sleeping with your device on next to you. It also feels nice to have a separation from device time and to not be alarmed first thing in the morning at an email or a notification.

Blue light glasses

These are inexpensive and a support in protecting your peepers from the glare of a computer screen, you can also download flux for free, which adjusts the glare of the screen after a certain time.


Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise will flood the muscles with oxygen and fresh energy that they need after being sat still, this does help to free up any tension and movement does feel good for the body. Pick an exercise that you enjoy, roller-skating? Swimming, Pilates, shat about Hula Hooping!? It will help boost the happy endorphins & to promote good sleep, which is essential at this time.

Relax Time 

Whether its meditation, walking, hot bath, just schedule in some time to allow your body to relax and your mind if you have a practice and that’s your thing.



If you are feeling sensitive or affected by working a lot on your device, you can also consider CAPS protect they are real multi-talents when it comes to protecting us from within against external environmental influences such as air pollution, solar radiation, cigarette smoke and the blue light of computer or smartphone screens. They contain beautiful herbs and natural minerals that are yummy for the body. For example, they contain Copper with “anti blue-light effect” helps the cells to protect themselves against oxidative stress, providing optimum skin and hair pigmentation.

If you would like a bespoke desk consultation, or you are struggling to manage stress of any kind, or feel wonky or out of balance, then do reach out for support. I offer a free 15 minute chat, where we can see if I can support you and receive a relaxing alignment treatment to reset and restore you.