How to heal a pulled hamstring fast

How do you heal a pulled hamstring fast?

Oooo the mighty and powerful hamstrings, (on the back of your things in case you didnt know) 3 muscles, all involved in hopping, skipping, running and jumping, there is no surprise that many athletes and those that train pull this baby.

Hamstring muscle injuries are the most common sports injury according to this trusted source. These injuries often have long recovery times booo and can return if not treated fully. However don’t be down my cherubs as I have good news for you, as the recovery doesn’t have to be long when you receive a relaxing Bowen Technique. Many sports players have used the hamstring procedure as a release and it can be used mid-match to support the on-going athlete to continue, but for sure a good month of healing is suggested for full repair.

In Bowen there is an amazing hamstring move, it not only releases tight hamstrings, but also tension running through the whole of the back line, which is a fascial line shown below. This line runs from your feet to your head, so any ailments in these areas, will also be supported. This alone can often ease headaches. In case you didnt know what fascia is, its a beautiful web of connective type tissue that envelops cells, muscles, joins and nerves. Of course the gluts and lower back will be tight with a pulled hamstring, as the other muscle groups are compensating for walking differently from the pain you might be feeling. 

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I felt a ping go one day, I had been over training at the gym and it was my left hamstring, probably my more weaker side. Two Bowen sessions later, it had fully resolved in terms of the pain and the mobility. Of course I took care to then strengthen and re-consider my training habits to one which is more long standing and preventative, after it was healed and my body was aligned.

Injury care with a pulled or painful hamstring

Get to me or another Bowen therapist as soon as you can, for an Hamstring injury treatment it is safe to treat immediately with an injury, because the treatment is so relaxing. I hear you, your worried it wont work if its that soft and fluffy, well in my direct experience of receiving and delivering Bowen, it does. It also releases powerful healing and settles emotions connected to your hamstring. Often stressors are stored in your hammies to protect the vital organs, it is a common area that we clench without meaning to and driving can also cause them to tighten. In a nutshell, they deal with a lot, it could be safe to say they are on the front line of supporting with stress.

Pulled hamstring pain relief

Often people experience an energising feeling with the hamstring release too, yeay for releasing those hamstrings.

Hamstring release with bowen

To conclude honour your body and all the amazing things it does without us asking for permission. Take good care to make time to relax and soothe stress, not over train, but a balance of exercise with rest and maintaining supportive postures can all support preventing injury.

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