Back Pain Case Studies

1. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

49 year old mum had recurrent episodes of her back seizing up and feeling out of place, she was prevented from doing anything when this happened, especially working and gardening, which she loved to do.

Treatment and results

4 bowen treatments were delivered, the client wasn’t expecting it to work, but she couldn’t believe the quick and long lasting effect it had. She is able to do so much more in the garden and has since had no further episodes of her back pain. Client now returns for a luxury facial to feel relaxed and pampered.


2. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

32 year old working professional was presenting with shoulder tension and pain, low self confidence, dissatisfaction in her workplace and emotional stress.

Treatment and results

9 treatments of bowen, reiki and reflexology were delivered to suit clients preference. Results were complete relaxation, stress reduction, release of shoulder tension, increase in wellbeing, increase in confidence and encouragement to focus on her passions in the workplace, which led to a change in job.


3. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

24 year old student was presenting with back pain, after a fall to the coccyx, that had been untreated. Every few months her back would feel out of place and that would mean missing work, she was also suffering with migraines. She previously had found the chiropractor too aggressive for her preference and it created a bad pain in the neck. 

Treatment and results

She began with a hot stone massage and she couldn’t believe how much this alone eased her symptoms, she then went on to have 4 sessions of bowen which completely resolved her migraines, back and neck pain and meant she was no longer taking days off work as her back wasn’t coming out of place. She now comes as and when for a top up either in bowen or hot stone massage.


4. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

48 year old nurse suffering from stress, migraines and insomnia. This affected her work and social life with tiredness and needing to rest when migraines were present.

Treatment and results

After 1 bowen session her migraines had completely resolved and she had the best night sleep for a long time. She went on to have 2 more bowen sessions to relieve tension in her hamstrings, provide a balance to the body and aid relaxation and stress reduction.


5. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

34 year old female presenting with back pain after a coccyx injury, which affected her when exercising and she was experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

Treatment and results

Client received 9 sessions of a mixture of reflexology and bowen. After 4 sessions her back pain had completely resolved, after 4 more sessions she informed me that she was pregnant.

6. 34 year old female that books in monthly hot stone massages, overall improvements are.

I have experienced so many positive changes. I came to you initially as a gift to myself because I had recognised I was suffering from stress. You’ve always been so kind, gentle and nurturing and have listened and responded to what I’ve told you. When a reoccurring back issue flared up you suggested Bowen Technique might be helpful, and after only two treatments I am no longer suffering from any back pain. This is remarkable for me as the pain has been there in the background for some time. I cannot thank you enough.

The other thing you have done so well is give me gentle guidance around how I can improve my wellbeing. You’ve always done so in such a brilliant way…it’s never felt like you are preaching to me or trying to tell me how to live my life. That sort of approach would’ve completely turned me off but you’ve been so brilliant…it’s enabled me to make good choices and change some of my less healthy habits. I have replaced my endless cups of tea throughout the day with water and have been allowing myself to snack when I’m hungry. The latter might seem like nothing, but for me, with my seemingly endless issues around food, it is a major step forward. I am so very grateful for the impact you’ve had on my life.

It was such a big step for me to invest in myself in this way and commit to a regular session with you. But I’m so glad I have. It’s making a huge difference to my life.”

‘7. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

56 year old musician presenting with constant shoulder, neck and back pain with stiffness, that was worse after playing her violin. This also affected her sleep due to the pain.

Treatment and results

Bowen treatments improved her sleep, she now no longer has pain in her shoulders, neck and back. She still comes for preventative treatments as she is continually using her muscles a lot when playing her violin and bowen supports with overall health and freeing up stiffness. 


8. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

28 year old marketing manager was suffering from constant back pain, which was felt at work, when driving and when sitting on the sofa, client was also presenting with insomnia.

Treatment and results

4 bowen treatments later, her back pain had completely resolved and she was sleeping much better, she no longer has back pain symptoms and comes back monthly for top ups as preventative care, which is her preference to support herself, after years of back complaints.


9. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity

65 year old housewife presenting with slipped disc, sciatica, lower back pain, unable to walk and sit. 

Treatment and benefits

6 bowen treatments delivered, felt relief from day 1, could walk better, felt straighter, pain had reduced. The slipped disc has completely resolved and the client comes back monthly to support with overall health.


10. Presenting symptoms and prevented activity.

27 year old sports lover had a ski injury with cartilage damage to sternum, pain felt in shoulders, arms, ribs and back when breathing and moving, she was unable to lift objects at work.

Treatment and results

3 bowen sessions delivered and all symptoms now resolved, except minor pain when breathing due to cartilage damage to the sternum, which will take a little longer to heal. Client then went skiing again and successfully managed to enjoy her holiday as she quickly sought help from an injury. Client is more relaxed and had the trauma/stress from the injury removed from her body. 

You do not need to put up with back, neck or shoulder pain, bowen technique can provide a quick long lasting support. Contact me for more information or to book in your first session.