Reiki is great for those that may feel a bit stuck, have a decision to make, or would like to feel more refreshed and energised in their mind, body and spirit. 

Reiki literally translates as universal life force energy and is an incredibly relaxing treatment, encouraging peacefulness and bringing balance to the chakra points (energy centres). This usually means you feel more refreshed, brighter and more yourself. 60 mins.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, improvement to immunity, reduction in blood pressure, a sense of calm, clearing any blockages energetically and physically, a sense of purpose, clarity on a situation or in making a decision.

Some people do receive insights and information, which may support to offer solutions, this can come in the appearance of colours, images or words.

Reiki’s gentle energy is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnant mothers, new-borns, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation.

Long distance healing over chakra points

How Does it Work?

I will ‘tune in’ to your energy field using a reiki symbol, I use oracle cards, crystals and ask for support and guidance from beings at a higher source or vibration, what?! These other unseen beings are usually named spirits, angels and guides. Surely no matter what you think of this intellectually, a load of beings working together to support you, sending you light and loving energy when your feeling a  bit poopy, has got to be a good thing.

When giving Reiki, practitioners have been shown to emit electo-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy from their hands. The frequencies of the energy emitted vary from one moment to the next; but many appear to correspond to those that medical researches have identified as being the optimum frequencies for simulating the healing process in tissues, bones and other body parts so far investigated.

Two ways in which these pulsing magnetic fields may stimulate repair of bone and other tissues include:

One theory is that energy healing works up by opening up the communication channels that enable cells in the body to talk to each other, and opening up the terrain through which cells are able to migrate to places where they are needed to initial repair or to fight diseases. Another is that these methods help to calm the person so their immune functions can operate smoothly.

Reiki benefits review Bristol
Reiki review Bridport

What Happens in a Treatment?

I provide a health consultation, so I can listen and understand what is going on for you.
I tune into a higher source of energy, called universal energy. I ask for information and support for you. I start with an Oracle card reading, see image below. This is so informative at being given information from your angels, spirits and guides that are here to support you. Often the information is for your highest self, as we all want the best for you and path in life.
Reiki healing oracle cards caring for you
I then provide a reiki healing session, using crystals and universal energy from angels, spirits and guides that are here to help me and you, yeay! Crystals are placed on chakra points. Reiki is a non-invasive therapy, using mostly no touch or light touch.
This is a beautiful time to give yourself permission to relax, to open your mind and energy to information, that is needed to support you.
This treatment can be delivered in person, or online (long distance reiki). So you can find a nice warm and comfy spot to lie or sit in and I send you warm, beneficial healing, yippee.
The whole session lasts around 1 hour and a bit. I gently wake you and share any insights to support you.

What is Distant Reiki?

We will have a chat online, via Skype or a preferred platform, then after the oracle card reading, you will kick back and relax somewhere warm, comfy and safe at home. You can select relaxing music if you prefer. I will be sending you reiki healing from my eco treatment room and placing crystals over your chakra points virtually. I have received both hands on and distant reiki myself and it is so relaxing and calming. I enjoy feeling each one of my chakra points come into a balance. Sometimes there is swirling and whirling of colours and thoughts, but it all settles into a nourishing refreshed feeling, like a good nap.

After the session guidance

To be super gentle on yourself for the rest of the day (always but in particular on this day) drink plenty of water, to support hydrating you from your energy repair session. Note any insights that come to mind as ways to support you improve your situation.

So, in a nutshell, if your struggling, then do reach out. I would so happy to hear from you, feel free to ask a question if you are not sure if its suitable. Reiki is a very valuable tool, which can support you to feel balanced, mentally, emotionally and physically. If you feel like you would like a spring clean then its worth trying.

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