Office Massage

Show value & reward to hardworking staff. 

Manage work stress, reduce back pain & reduce sick days

Eases tension and knots around the shoulders, neck and upper back where tension is prominent in those working at a desk. 

Promotes relaxation and supports mental clarity. 

Massage can be delivered to arms, wrists & hands, which can be tense due to repeated use of typing and using a mouse.

Posture awareness and desk support can be offered to benefit workers to be comfortable and work at their optimum.

During the treatment, you rest into a comfy padded onsite massage chair and totally relax.

The treatment is delivered through clothes, without oil, using acupressure, holistic massage and Indian Head massage techniques to relax and recharge you.

Prices Start From £120

10-20 minutes treatment option time from 5 to 30 staff members.

Travel time may be added dependent on location.

Contact me here to receive a tailored price quote.

Previous clients include St Peters Hospice, Brunel Pension Partnership & Xhilarate Office Massage, London.

Perfect addition to wellbeing week.