Hormone Balancing with Bowen

Natural hormone balance, using Bowen Technique and Maternity Reflexology.

Whether its to regulate your periods, to support fertility, post pregnancy or menopause then Bowen and Reflexology may be of support to you.


I know its a really overwhelming time, whether you are trying to get pregnant, you are pregnant or have just had a baby.

♥ You are trying to get pregnant and you might feel frustrated, ashamed and low that you are not falling pregnant quickly. This may also be putting a strain on your relationships. You might be collapsing in to comparing yourself to others who are popping them out, left, right and centre and wondering why is that not me?

Here is where I come in to help you, like your hormone fairymother. I will take care to support you to relax, feel empowered with where you are at and to remind you to stop being hard on yourself. The treatment will rebalance and restore you, then we prepare your body to be in its prime state to conceive naturally, using a fertility protocol, click on the button below to read more.

♥ You have a mighty bun in the oven, you might have back pain, sciatica, swollen feet, things are expanding, your boobs might be sore and your hips, you feel uncomfortable, not to mention the heartburn and wind. But its supposed to be such a romantic time isn’t it?! Well firstly its different for every woman, so ease up with the comparisonitis. I will support you and your precious body to relax, ease up pain, restore you and get your pelvis gently aligned for labour, click on the button below to read more here.

♥ You have had a baby, you are feeling emotional, out of sorts, things might seem a bit dark, you are low, you might feel alone, you also might have physical pain and feel tender and a bit bruised. Firstly to normalise your body has been through a lot, so there might be a variety of a display occurring. I am here to support you and your hormones to be balanced, which will restore you to ease out of postnatal depression. Other benefits include alignment to your pelvis gently in a relaxing way, so you can feel yourself again and able to return to your Mumma role. Click on the button below to read more.

You are trying to get pregnant

At a time when you really want something to happen and it’s not happening can be very frustrating Some women find it difficult to open up about challenges here, but you are not alone and I am here to support you, step-by-step.

  • Firstly and very importantly, lets take all the stress away and focus on relaxing you, relaxation allows restoration and repair.
  • We begin by balancing the body with 2-4 treatments, promoting relaxation, addressing mind and body symptoms and discussing and finding solutions for any barriers.

Then the fertility protocol as below:

  • 1 x treatment, 1 week before menses
  • 1 x treatment, during menses
  • 1 x treatment at start of your next cycle
  • 1 x treatment before anticipated ovulation

This cycle of 4, may need to be repeated.

I may bring in other healing modalities that could support further, such as Reiki, meditation & coaching.

Your partner, if open, may require 2-4 treatments too, so both your bodies are prepped.

8 sessions at £345.

You are pregnant

After the first trimester Bowen can be delivered throughout pregnancy for sciatica pain relief, lower back pain relief and relaxation.

From week 32 – 40+ the focus is on aligning the pelvis for birth, nip early postnatal depression in the bud and support with breech or overdue babies.

For irritable symptoms, 2-4 Bowen treatments are recommended, 1 week apart, dependent on symptoms.

£50 pay as you go, or £185 for 4 treatments.

If massage is more your thing, I can offer a Hot Stone Pregnancy Massage, to soothe away aches and pains from top to toe and/or Maternity Reflexology

  • Hot stone massage
  • Maternity Reflexology

You just had a baby

This can be a beautiful and surreal time, when everything feels new and a bit wobbly, as there are big changes in your life and to your body.

3 weeks after labour a postnatal check is suggested, as very often the pelvis can be out of alignment after labour, which therefore affects the lower back and jaw. The hormones are also a bit wobbly, in the natural process of the body adapting to become a mother. There also might some bladder issues, so fear not, I aim to balance hormones, provide relaxation and provide healing and alignment to any physical or emotional symptoms.

Of course, the trickiest part is leaving the baby for an hour to see me, but if you need support, then I’m here. I would suggest more practically 1-2 sessions of Bowen could support, for a simple alignment tune up.

£50 a session.

If massage is more your thing, I can offer a deluxe hot stone massage, to soothe away aches and pains from top to toe and/or Reflexology

  • Hot stone massage 
  • Maternity Reflexology 

Bowen Technique for natural hormone balance

Bowen is a relaxing alignment technique and as a precise move is delivered, this sends a message to the brain, creating a pattern, that re-aligns the musculoskeletal system (system of bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments).

Bowen can appear a bit magical with how it works, but remember that the body is completely connected. Bowen affects fascia, which is a web like substance, surrounding all the muscles, nerves, ligaments, joints, organs and bones. So you could say, it is pretty integral to providing repair to our bodies. When we get stressed or suffer from stressors, the fascia tightens and therefore restriction occurs. Some believe that our bodies can hold on to memories, or trauma, so in that case a relaxing treatment can release a lot of stuff, like emptying your recycle bin from your computer, your system is going to be working better.

Foot massage bristol

Maternity Reflexology

Stimulating reflexes on the feet, which correlate to parts of the body, very relaxing and restorative. I specifically work on reflexes to help with fertility, or targeted to your pregnancy symptoms and even over due babies! FYI stubborn babies come when they are ready but its a lush way to prep the body and relax, it sometimes works to encourage them and of course there are different points to press here, so this wouldnt be activated if you were not overdue. Extra care is taken here to provide support to make sure you are super cared for!

I use a natural homemade balm for extra skin softening touch. So many benefits and very relaxing. 

How I work to support you

All the ways I take care of your hormones

Benefits of bowen therapy in hormone balancing

  • Balancing hormones – allowing your body to work at its optimum, whether you are trying for a baby or you have just had a baby.
  • Working naturally with your cycle to offer precise healing treatments at a precise time
  • Mind & body relaxation, when we relax, we are able to function better
  • Back, hip, sciatica pain reduction (common symptoms in pregnancy)
  • Provide realignment & improvement of posture, so your pelvis is in a great shape for labour. This is really important!
  • Alignment after labour as often the pelvis & lower back can be affected.
  • Gentle & natural treatment working with the bodies self-healing mechanism.
  • Balancing hormones can prevent & ease post-natal depression.
  • Feel brighter with a higher sense of wellbeing.
  • Understanding of where you are at & providing great care to you.

“I worked with Emily when I had back pain and fertility issues.  My husband and I had been TTC for 18 months and although there was ‘nothing wrong’ in testing it was taking a long time. And caused a lot of stress, especially for me. I felt that hormonally things weren’t right as I’d been diagnosed with PCOS previously.

Over time working with Emily I learnt to relax, entering her haven of a treatment room was a breath of fresh air. I felt truly cared for and listened to each time.  We did a mix of Bowen treatments and reflexology mainly (although she adapted beautifully according to my needs during each session). After some time my back pain was gone and we started really focusing on the fertility. After two of the fertility protocols, I couldn’t have been more elated and surprised to find we were pregnant!!! The next month we were due to start more invasive treatment so this came in the Nick of time!!!

I can’t even express my gratitude 🙏 to anyone who’s in a similar position, trust the process, trust Emily 💕💕 She’s amazing!!!  Like Austin was born during Covid on 01/07/20 and is the happiest most laid back boy ever-fairly sure that’s a dose from Emily too 😉 can’t recommend enough!!”

Camilla Dempster, personal trainer.

Fertility support Bristol

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