Kind Words

Bowen Technique

“As everyone is with the unknown, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bowen. However, I am converted! I started treatments as I was having recurring infections that left me uncomfortable and emotionally drained. Before every session, Emily delivers a consultation, that puts you immediately at ease. She then explains how she is planning to tailor the treatment depending on your needs and well being as well as detailing the reason for what she is doing. Emily’s nature is naturally calming, making you feel instantly relaxed from beginning to end. Since my course of treatments have began I have suffered the grand total of zero infections! I couldn’t recommend Emily highly enough.”

Tanya from Dorset


“I received a back, neck and shoulder massage and I’ve had a few of those but I must say Emily’s was the best I have ever had. She made me feel so comfortable before the treatment that I could properly relax throughout the massage. Afterwards I felt like a million dollars and would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone, she is just fantastic and my back has never been so knot-free!

Kim from Chippenham


After my Reiki treatment, I felt incredibly refreshed and energised. Living a fairly hectic life with a job that involves long hours whilst trying to maintain a busy social life is bound to take its toll on your body and well being. So I decided to look into alternative treatments, Reiki specifically.

With it being my first time trying such things, naturally, I was sceptical and a little nervous. However, Emily made me feel completely at ease from the moment I walked through the door and has a very calming, gentle energy, so I was able to relax fully throughout my whole treatment. After my treatment, I felt incredibly refreshed and energised. I remember describing to Emily that it felt like I had walked into one room and had come out into another – almost like a smog had been lifted.

I will definitely be visiting Emily again – these kinds of treatments are essential for maintaining the hectic lives we seem to lead, especially if you are like me and find it hard to relax” 

Lauren from Bristol


I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after Emily’s treatments. She has a lovely manner and gave me some useful tips on relaxing with anxiety and improving my digestion” 

Kate from Dorset

Maternity Reflexology

“I was overdue in my pregnancy and always loved reflexology, the day after I saw Emily I had a baby boy, he arrived in the nick of time and we managed to get his passport in time for our flight to South Africa! So thank you” 

Jen from Clifton, Bristol

Jen was overdue for her second child and was treated with a maternity reflexology session. If the baby is ready then reflexology is a gentle way to help naturally induce overdue pregnancies.

Luxury Facial

“I had a super relaxing holistic facial with a face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage. I loved the oils that Emily used and I would highly recommend anyone to go along for a facial”

Kate from Bristol

“Emily was very welcoming from the moment I entered the door. I was a bit apprehensive to start with but she quickly put my mind at ease. There was nice soft music playing in the background  Emily suited the products in the facial to my skin type. She kept me updated throughout the process and gave me a lovely shoulder massage which along with the facial, I thoroughly enjoyed and I would definitely recommend Emily’s services”

Annabel from Bristol