Hot Stone Massage & Reflexology

The perfect combination treatment for those that love reflexology, but also have tense shoulders. The treatment begins using warming stones to massage deeply into the shoulders, neck, back & arms. Then receive a revitalising reflexology session, using a natural homemade balm to activate reflexes, which correlate to the whole body, leaving you feeling totally cared for and nourished. You can also ask for a scalp and or face massage here too.

60 minutes £40 


Stimulating reflexes on the feet, which correlate to the body, benefits include an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow, cleansing the body and providing revitalising energy to support relaxation and wellbeing. An organic natural homemade balm is applied to soften the tootsies. Super relaxing, simply remove your shoes and socks and kick back. For those that prefer a deeper touch, hot stones can be used over reflexes, which is super warming too.


Maternity Reflexology

As above but focused specifically for those lovely mums to be! Extra care is taken here focusing on reflexes to aid symptoms occurring in pregnancy with extra care for the little bump too. Extra pillows provided to support you and make sure you are super cared for!

60 minutes £40

Hot Stone Massage

Heat and energy from the hot stones, penetrate deep into the muscles to achieve a soothing and therapeutic experience. The stones support releasing tight muscular restrictions, benefits circulation & helps to rid the body of toxins. It also supports stress reduction and promotes relaxation, which is key to supporting good health. 

60 minutes £40


Reiki is an incredibly relaxing treatment, which encourages optimum health and a free flow of energy. Crystals are placed over energy centres and universal  energy is used to provide deeper healing. Shoulder, neck & scalp massage or reflexology can also be combined with reiki if you would prefer to receive this.  You can also receive an angel card reading too 🙂 Great for those that may feel a bit stuck & have decisions to make. 

60 minutes £35