Fertility Treatment Bristol

I am trying to get pregnant

At a time when you really want something to happen and it’s not happening can be very frustrating, especially when it feels there are babies popping out left, right and centre.

Lets take all the stress away and focus on relaxing you.

We begin by balancing the body with 2-4 treatments, promoting relaxation, discussing and finding solutions for any barriers.

Then the fertility protocol as below:

1 x treatment, 1 week before menses

1 x treatment, during menses

1 x treatment at start of your next cycle

1 x treatment before anticipated ovulation

This cycle may need to be repeated.

Perfect for those that feel stressed, have back problems, coccyx or TMJ injuries or would like their body and hormones balanced.


I am pregnant

After the first trimester Bowen can be delivered throughout pregnancy for sciatica pain relief, lower back pain relief and relaxation.

From week 32 – 40+ the focus is on aligning the pelvis for birth, nip early depression in the bud, and support with breech or overdue babies.


I just had a baby

This can be a beautiful, surreal time when everything feels new & a bit wobbly as there are big changes in your life and your body.

3 weeks after labour a postnatal check is suggested, typically 2 treatments are best to realign the body, very often the pelvis can be affected after labour, thus affecting lower back and jaw.

I balance hormones, provide relaxation & can support with any bladder issues too.

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a Soft tissue technique where rolling moves are made over precise points of the body, working over muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerves. This sends neurological impulses to the brain, creating a vibrational pattern that re-aligns the musculoskeletal system, improving muscle flexibility, movement and posture.

The body is able to hold the new pattern that Bowen imprints, releasing pain and compensation patterns.  The improvement can hold for weeks, months, years or indefinitely, depending on the individual and their lifestyle.

The Benefits

  • Balancing hormones – allowing both brain and hormones to work at their optimum, so they can do their job.
  • Mind & body relaxation
  • Back, hip, sciatica pain reduction
  • Muscle/joint restriction eased
  • Condition/symptoms reduced
  • Provide realignment & improvement of posture, so your pelvis is in a great shape for the baby to pass through.
  • Gentle & natural treatment working with the bodies self-healing mechanism.
  • Balancing hormones can prevent post-natal depression.
  • Feel brighter with a higher sense of wellbeing.
  • Understanding of where you are at & providing great care