Luxury Facials

Using organic natural products your skin will receive a supercharge. You will recline on a therapy couch and be totally spoilt with a cleanse, tone, exfoliate, facial massage, with Gua Sha crystals, followed by a heavenly scented face mask, serum, moisturise and eye cream. To care for you fully, whilst your mask is setting, a massage is delivered to shoulders, neck and scalp. Approx 65 mins. 

Lush add ons to a facial

Receive a luxury facial, with one of either,

  • a full back massage,
  • reflexology session, (pressing reflexes on your feet)
  • or reiki session, (chakra balancing with crystals) 

  • Receive a luxury facial, with two of the above.

  • These treatments are also available as stand alone sessions, see below for Hot Stone Massage & Reflexology & here for more info on Reiki. Approx 90 mins. 

    I choose to use Ringana products, because they are fresh, effective, natural, vegan and use sustainable packaging, they are also carbon neutral! See more about the products I use and recommend here.

    I also offer a free 30 minute consultation supporting you to work out your skin type, a bespoke facial care routine and other health, diet and lifestyle tips for optimum skin, book that here.

    Other Squidgy Treatments

    Hot Stone Massage & Reflexology

    The perfect combination treatment for those that love reflexology, but also have tense shoulders. The treatment begins using warming stones to massage deeply into the shoulders, neck, back & arms. Then receive a revitalising reflexology session, using a natural homemade balm to activate the neck, back, adrenal glands & reflexes which correlate to the whole body, leaving you feeling totally cared for & nourished. Approx 65 mins. £60


    Stimulating reflexes on the feet, which correlate to the body, benefits include an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow, cleansing the body and providing revitalising energy to support relaxation and wellbeing. An organic natural homemade balm is applied to soften the tootsies. Super relaxing, simply remove your shoes and socks and kick back. For those that prefer a deeper touch, hot stones can be used over reflexes, which is super warming too. Approx 45 mins.