Caring For Your Periods

When it’s your period do you wear yellow shorts and run along the beach singing Bodyform like this happy lady?

It’s not my favourite thing to do to be honest and in actual fact it took me 16 years to get down with menstruating!

I share with you my TOP TIPS


I’ve now got my free period app to tell me when my cycle is going to start or thereabouts. You can also track your PMS too! Why was it always such a surprise before? The recurring man hatred (soz boys), the food cravings for buckets of food, the tears, now I can prepare a little and take it easy on myself.


I have my trusty Mooncup and reusable bamboo sanitary pads, so there is no plastic, no waste, no chemicals used, so no skin irritation, plus they are already in my cupboard.


Not forgetting my fav delicious bar of chocolate Doisy & Dam, yummy nom nom. I naturally crave more sugars around this time, so I trust in going with what feels most nourishing. This choccie has superfoods in and less refined sugar than your average bar. It’s also organic, with packaging that can be recycled. Whoopers all round!


I have blocked out a day of less work or no work from my calendar during my first day of my cycle, as the flow can be heavy then and so I can prioritise resting. 

Taking steps to take the best care of ourselves is a brilliant support & demonstration for everyone.

Well done to Bex Baxter for implementing the Period Policy amongst her team at work, so you can be entitled to a period leave designed to support you in your work place, see an article here on further info. 

The Sciencey Part

The menstrual cycle is a series of natural processes that your body goes through. During your period cycle, your hormone levels rise and fall, depending on which stage of your menstrual cycle you are in. These hormones can also affect your mood and level of energy.

The length of a menstrual cycle can vary from 23 days to 35 days. All bodies are different, so the length of your own menstrual cycle may be shorter or longer and not all menstrual cycles are regular.

Of course its different for every female but I found it so helpful to support myself during this time rather than it being disempowering to be seen as a weak female, but to honour that we are humans and are doing our best.


Agnus Castus is a great herbal tincture at supporting regularity of periods. I also found seeing a Homeopath to support my general well being, taking care with the foods I eat and moderate exercise a great way to support periods not being as heavy. 

I love sharing my caring tips with you.