Common questions about Bowen Therapy. If I have missed any that you have, feel free to drop me an email or give me call here.

Q What is Bowen Technique?

A. Fascia alignment technique that is relaxing and aims to unravel restriction and tension within fascia, fascia envelops muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves.

Q How many sessions of Bowen Therapy do I need?

A. Results are usually seen in 1 session, however momentum is needed to provide benefits long term, so 4 treatments for most injuries and pain relief. However, I would suggest 8  for frozen shoulders or more long standing conditions. Top up sessions can then be delivered as a preventative or as and when needed.

Q What conditions does Bowen therapy treat?

A. Back pain, sciatica, slipped disc, neck pain, whiplash, hamstring injury, frozen shoulder, TMJ/pelvis misalignment, menopause, fertility support, overall maintenance, anxiety, insomnia, stress relief, migraines the list goes on.

Q How long does a Bowen treatment last?

A. Approximately 1 hour.

Q What is the charge of a Bowen session?

A. I charge £185 for 4 sessions, £305 for 8 or pay as you go for £50. 

Q What do I wear during a Bowen session?

A. Either underwear or loose thing fitted clothes. You can treat through clothes or directly on skin. 

Q Tell me more about the sciency part of Bowen

A. As a challenge is placed on a muscle and the muscle is gently stretched, stretch receptors begin to send sensory info along the nerve pathway to the spinal cord. During or after the move, further sensory info is sent via nerve to the spinal cord and then various areas of the brain.

It works on fascia which envelops all the body systems, thus it benefits the entire body

Fascia is this beautiful web underneath the skin that is protecting all of our cells, joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments, like a big t-shirt but from top to toe.

Q What is Bowen Therapy UK?

A. No such thing as a silly question, it’s an alignment technique, restoring a balance to the body, through working over fascia, which envelops muscles, in the UK and around the world.

Q How is Bowen Therapy different from osteopathy or a chiropractor ?

A. All these therapies are excellent, but Bowen differs in several respects. Osteo and chiros often use adjustments or ‘cracks’ to realign the structure of the body. They will make a diagnosis and treat the area of concern. With bowen therapy the therapist will take a case history and the body is treated as a whole unit, rather than an isolated problem. Bowen encourages the body’s own healing mechanism through complete relaxation. 

Q What if any are the side effects to a Bowen treatment?

A. It does vary from person to person and depending on the situation but mostly you will feel brighter, lighter, less pain, more movement to muscles and joints. The treatment can take up to 4 days to continue working, that’s why we suggest some aftercare tips. Some side effects of the treatment working can include thirst, eliminating more, tiredness, a bit sore and achy.

Q Why are your treatment times approx?

A. Because I love to treat for value, rather than per minute, sometimes my big generous heart goes over than 60 mins, sometimes actually a 40 min tune-up with Bowen is all the body can handle at this time of your healing. Everyone is unique, and has different needs at different times. I honour that rather than squishing into boxes. 

Q Is Bowen Therapy safe?

A. Absolutely, Bowen is so relaxing it can be used to treat babies, the elderly, those in pain, with new acute injuries and in pregnancy.

Q Does the Bowen Technique actually work?

A. Of course I am going to say yes, in my direct experience of receiving treatments and delivering treatments, I have seen very quick and effective results. However, I will say the classic line, we are all tots unique, so I can’t predict exactly how you will respond, but usually people feel relaxed and have relief of symptoms from treatment number 1.

Q Does Bowen work on meridians or acupuncture points?

A. There are points that are on or very close to acupuncture points, for example the knee move runs through the digestive meridian, but this is not the approach that is taught. Many practitioners of acupuncture comment on the moves and their relationship to the meridian points, but there is nothing consistent enough to draw comparisons. Tom Bowen drew much of his knowledge from an understanding of meridian points, as well as other principles, so this point seems quite probable.

Q What is Bowen Technique Massage?

A. Newsflash it isnt a massage.  Bowen can be performed through light clothing, without oil and is more of a rolling move, with no sustained pressure. Massage tends to be more superficial to muscles, whereas Bowen aims to work on fascia, which envelops the muscle.

Q I have an injury, is it okay to see you right away?

A. Yes, (if you have a suspected broken bone you would go to A&E or in a real life threatening emergency then call 999). For new acute injuries then do come asap. I can offer emergency same day appointments where possible. Bowen therapy will help take the shock out of the body and initiate restoring healing quickly. Bowen is very relaxing and safe and there are no forceful manipulations. See my injury tips here.

Q How do I book an appointment?

A. You can email me on hello@caringforyoutreatments.com, text or call me 07815834861 or book directly on my treatwell site here

Please note if you private message me on Facebook or Instagram, I might not see it as quickly as a call or email.

Q Where can I find you?

A. In Salwayash near Bridport, Dorset and online.

Q What is reiki?

A. If you feel stuck, stagnant, not sure which decision to make, it is the perfect relaxing healing session using crystals to unblock chakra points, leaving you feeling peaceful, revived and clear.

Q How do you balance hormones?

A. I have received specific training in hormone balancing with Bowen technique. It works on the same principle as an injury, so focusing on aligning fascia relaxing and balancing you.

Q What are your qualifications?

A. I have a BSc health sciences 2:1 degree in Complementary Therapies oooooo! I learnt tons about anatomy, pathology, aromatherapy, reflexology and massage. I then went on to train in facials, Bowen technique, my fav therapy, reiki, hot stone massage and hormone balancing.

Q Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. Yes, you can cancel or reschedule before 24 hours free of charge, but if its less than 24 hours notice, I will take 50% of the treatment cost.