Bowen Technique

A Soft tissue technique where rolling moves are made over precise points of the body, working over muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerves. This sends neurological impulses to the brain, creating a vibrational pattern that re-aligns the muscular-skeletal system, improving muscle flexibility, movement and posture. 

Bowen can also relax and relieve stress, as it works mainly via the autonomic nervous system, producing good results by penetrating to a deep cellular level. It is also balancing to the systems of the body

Benefits can be seen from only 1 to 3 sessions, but relief can be felt immediately.

The body is able to hold the new pattern that Bowen imprints, releasing pain and compensation patterns.  The improvement can hold for weeks, months, years or indefinitely, depending on the individual and their lifestyle.

There is NO forceful manipulation. Bowen ‘asks’ the body to recognise and make the changes it requires and over the week the body responds to the treatment and readjusts safely according to its needs.

Pauses are inserted between sets of moves as it allows the brain time to integrate and process the treatment.

Bowen can be supportive for all, from newborns up to the elderly.


Bowen may help the following conditions:

Back pain & Sciatica 

Neck & Shoulder Restrictions, including Frozen Shoulder 

Digestive complaints including IBS

Migraines & Headaches 

Pelvic Tilt/misalignment, uneven Foot Length

Knee, Ankle & Foot complaints 

Hormonal Imbalances/Fertility complaints 

Pre & Postoperative Recovery 

Respiratory & Hayfever

RSI, Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow 

Sports injuries & Accident Injuries (can support realignment after accidents and falls)

Stress Reducing & Emotional Release from tissues & cells

TMJ & Jaw complaints 

General wellness maintenance (Like for your car, you can do the same for your health and wellbeing)

1 hour £35

This treatment is perfect for those that have musculoskeletal discomfort, misalignments, exercise/sports injury, a previous injury that never fully resolved, tension, want some support with your posture and in need of some relaxation too!